3 Things To Look For In A Corporate COVID-19 Testing Service

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Regular or periodic COVID-19 testing can keep your business running. If there are times when you need to test multiple people in your organization, then it makes sense to use a professional testing service.

Before you choose a test provider, think about the following factors.

1. Testing Capacity  

While it's not hard to organize COVID-19 testing for a few people, this process can be more difficult logistically if you need to test a lot of people in a short space of time. If you ask people to take their own tests, then you'll have to wait for them to do it. They won't all take tests at the same time; some people might forget or might take longer to get around to it.

If you offer a testing service, then you get more control over the process. However, you need to partner with a provider that has the right capacity for your needs.

For example, if you might need to test hundreds of people at a time, then the company or service should have the capacity to do this. They should be able to tell you how many people they can test in any given period so you can work out if they can meet your needs.

2. Testing Result Times

While you want accurate COVID-19 test results, you don't necessarily want a long wait to find out if someone has tested positive or negative. Sometimes, you might be happy to wait a day or two for routine results. However, you might need faster results in emergency situations, say when you need to send a team for a last-minute meeting with clients who insist on pre-meeting tests.

Ask testing providers how long it takes them to provide results. Check to see if they offer different types of tests with suitable response times for all your potential needs.

3. Testing Locations

While you might be happy to send small numbers of people for a test at a clinic, drive-thru service, or test center, this might not always be an ideal solution. If you have a lot of people to test, you don't necessarily want them all to be out of the office for too long at the same time.

Some COVID-19 testing services do on-site testing. They'll come to you, say with a mobile testing truck that they set up outside your building. This is a fast and effective way to run tests on lots of people without taking them away from their desks for too long.

To find out more, contact Covid test providers.