Does Your Teen Still Need Well-Care Visits?

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If your child is a teen, you may wonder if they still need well-care visits to a doctor. The answer to your question is yes. Even teens, or adolescents, need regular healthcare checkups to stay healthy, especially if they attend public school or play sports. Learn how important is for your teen to receive regular well-care checkups below.

Why Do Teens Need Well-Care Checkups?

Healthcare services like well-care visits allow a doctor to find problems with your child's health before they get out of hand, including allergies, depression, and visual impairment. Well-care checkups also allow pediatricians and family physicians to keep track of your teen's growth and development. Some teens may not reveal they have problems with their health until they need medical care for them.

Teens of all ages can experience stress, anxiety, and other issues in life. Negative emotions and feelings can have a great impact on the lives of teens. Some teens may turn to their peers for comfort or understanding rather than their parents. The teens may exhibit unhealthy behaviors, such as doing drugs, skipping classes, or talking back to their parents. 

A well-care visit allows a doctor to detect signs of anxiety and stress in children, including poor eating or sleeping habits. If a physician detects a problem with their patients, they can take action to treat them.

Now that you know why your teen needs healthcare visits, you can schedule a well-care visit for them.

Where Can You Take Your Teen for Checkups?

If you don't know where to find the healthcare services you need for your teen, contact a children's healthcare network or provider online. The healthcare providers may have directories of pediatricians and other doctors who treat teens or offer teen well-care checkups. After you find the doctor your loved one needs, schedule an appointment. 

You and your teen may expect a number of things during the visit, including a physical exam. The exam allows a doctor to document your child's weight. If your loved one's weight isn't as healthy as it needs to be, a physician will recommend things you and your teen can do to improve it. 

A doctor will also ask your teen about their school and social lives. Children who are socially active in sports or other activities tend to live healthier and more productive lives. If your teen isn't socially active, a doctor can help them find ways to do so.

Learn more about adolescent child healthcare by contacting a healthcare provider today.