Benefits You Gain From Undergoing Physical Therapy Treatments

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The goal of a physical therapist is to restore mobility, strength, and functionality to a patient who has suffered injuries. You can expect to be examined and evaluated on your first consultation visit.

Be aware that if you are a Medicare patient, you will need to be referred to the physical therapist by your primary care physician (PCP). However, you can tell your PCP that you have a physical therapist in mind. Other adults and self-pay patients may not need to have a referral. Ask relatives or friends for advice about PT professionals they have used in the past. 

If you would like to learn more about physical therapy, read on.

Conditions Treated Through Physical Therapy

Physical therapists lessen and eliminate any need for you to undergo treatments with the use of injections, medicines, or surgical procedures. Physical therapy helps address the following issues:

Customized Treatments

Your physical therapist customizes a program of physical therapy specially designed for you. That program focuses on getting you back to your prior functioning level. Your therapist ensures that you engage in activities that promote lifestyle changes, which include preventative injury efforts that emphasize good health.

Back Pain Treatments

Back pain that triggers pain in your limbs and hip joints is treated with manual therapy technique applications to the joint. Those treatments use ultrasound, electric stimulation, or taping technology that relieves pain. Proper muscle functioning and joint function also return with the use of these therapies that prevent pain from returning.

Improving Your Mobility

Physical therapy helps to improve your declining mobility when you cannot seem to stand up, walk or move about without faltering. Your physical therapist will apply stretching and strengthening exercises that restore your moving-around ability.

If you need a helping device to aid you in reclaiming your once flawless mobility, the therapist will fit you with a cane or other such device that helps you on the way to motion improvement. Your physical therapist will create a care plan that benefits you to be mobile. You will learn how to practice mobility instructions that ensure your return to maximum performance and also safety.

Sports Injury Treatments

A physical therapist is knowledgeable about sports injuries that you sustain. So whether your injuries relate to distance track running, basketball, football, baseball or tennis, your physical therapist will design an appropriate care plan for you to recover from your injuries. He or she will also plan prevention exercises that enable you to safely return to the game you enjoy playing so much.