How Your Kids Can Benefit From Low-Cost Dental Care

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If you don't qualify for Medicaid, then you may think that your children will just have to go without dental coverage. However, you should consider applying for Health Plan Plus (CHP), which is a low-cost insurance plan for kids. Low-cost doesn't necessarily mean low-quality; your children can get a lot of preventative dental care, like cleanings, and basic restorations, like fillings. Here are just three reasons why you should take advantage of low-cost care for your child.

To Catch Issues Early On

As a child develops, they may thrust their tongue when they swallow. Children should grow out of tongue thrusting, but some don't. Tongue thrust can cause crooked teeth, affect facial development, and even cause speech problems. Your dentist will be able to notice these issues and help correct your child'ss habits.

Another issue your child may have is an overbite from thumb sucking. Your dentist can set your child up with an orthodontic crib that will prevent the thumb sucking habit and prevent crooked teeth.

Lastly, your dentist can start your child on interceptive orthodontics while they still have their baby teeth. Interceptive orthodontics include things like spacers and expanders. The goal of interceptive treatment is to catch orthodontic issues early on so that they are easier and less expensive to treat down the road. If you don't take advantage of CHP, then your child may have more serious issues later on that will require treatment.

To Treat Cavities in Baby Teeth

You may think that a condition like asthma is the most common childhood ailment, but it is actually tooth caries (cavities). Your dentist can teach you and your child how to properly brush and floss. A dentist can use fluoride varnish and sealants to prevent cavities between regular cleanings.

If your child has bad decay, a dentist may need to perform a root canal or extract baby teeth prematurely. Baby teeth save room for incoming adult teeth, so it's ideal not to extract them early. Cavities can cause pain and also increase your child's risk of gum disease, so visiting a dentist can help your child feel healthy and happy.

To Prevent Dental Phobia

Between 9 and 20% of Americans have a phobia of going to the dentist. If your child doesn't have regular dental visits early in their life, they may be anxious to go to appointments later on. Getting your child used to the dentist early on will help your child develop good habits and avoid serious dental issues.

These are just a few reasons why you should take advantage of CHP dental if you have kids and don't qualify for Medicaid. Not everyone accepts CHP dental, so you'll want to look for providers in your area before making your appointment.

For more information about CHP dental, contact a local insurance office.