Hair Loss Treatments That Actually Work For Women

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Nobody wants to lose their hair, but losing your hair as a woman can be particularly challenging. Many women see hair as a main component of their beauty, so noticing your hair begin to thin or fall out can leave you self-conscious and with a lack of confidence. Then, as if things can get any worse, most of the hair loss treatments you come across seem to be tailored to men! But rest assured; there are some hair loss treatments that work for ladies, too.

PRP Hair Restoration

PRP stands for plasma-rich protein. This is a substance obtained from your own blood. Your doctor will draw blood from your arm, and then spin that blood down in a centrifuge. The blood cells are then removed and then some other additives and proteins are added to the plasma. This plasma will then be injected into your scalp in areas where you are missing your hair. The proteins and other components in the plasma will trigger the cells in your scalp to start growing hair again.

The idea of PRP injections may sound a bit scary, but this procedure is actually pretty easy to go through. Your doctor should use a topical cream to numb your scalp prior to the injections, and although your scalp might be mildly sore for a day or two afterward, you should not have to take any downtime. Contact local companies that provide PRP hair restoration services to learn more.


If you would prefer not to undergo injections, another option is to apply minoxidil, which is a topical cream or liquid, to the parts of your scalp where you are losing hair. This medication is said to help re-activate your cells to grow hair. It works for many women, but not all, and the only way to know whether it will work for you is to try it. You will need to apply it daily, and it can look a bit greasy and odd, which is why more women are turning to PRP rather than minoxidil these days.

Laser Therapy

There are also some cosmetic treatment centers that are offering cold laser therapy for hair regrowth. The idea behind this treatment is that the laser will cause the hair-growing cells to vibrate at a certain frequency, which stimulates them to start growing hair again. You won't feel a thing, other than warmth perhaps, during the treatment. This method may work best for mildly thinning hair, and you will probably need to undergo multiple treatments for good results.