Physical Therapy For Sports Injuries

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If you are an athlete, then you already know you need to be in top shape if you are expected to perform at top level. Even the slightest injury can affect your success in the sport you participate in. This is where physical therapy can come into play. A physical therapist, such as at Town Center Orthopaedic Associates, P.C.t, can work with you as they take you through a specific therapy regimen that is aimed at getting you back to the physical level you need to be at in order to excel at your sport in the same manner in which you are accustomed to.

Understanding the need for physical therapy

If your doctor has ordered physical therapy, then you may not be happy. Especially if the doctor won't clear you to participate in your sport until you have completed physical therapy. However, look at the bright side of things. The time you take off and focus on physical therapy will increase your chances of playing at your best when you get the go ahead to participate again. If you were to play now and without physical therapy, then you may injure yourself worse and to the point where you would need to take much more time off.

Understanding some of the benefits you will get from physical therapy

Attention focused on healing the injury - The physical therapist will focus on taking you through stretches, exercises and other types of treatments that are specifically geared at targeting your problem area. They will focus on not only healing that area, but also building the muscle strength around the injured area, so the likeliness of a reoccurring injury will be less.

Attention focused on flexibility and mobility – The physical therapist will also work with you on your range of motion. They will work with you to improve your flexibility and mobility. By increasing your flexibility while you are going through physical therapy, you may find your game can even improve once you are cleared to participate. You may run faster, jump higher and move quicker.

Attention focused on other concerns – While you are working with the physical therapist it may come out that you have other concerns. Maybe you have been suffering through a stiff shoulder that no one knows about. The physical therapist can also focus some attention on helping you to regain a good range of motion in your shoulder and help you find ways to move past any aches and pains. They may use a variety of treatments such as exercises, ultra sound, alternating of heat and ice, and an electric stim machine.

Attention on preventing future injuries – While you are working with your physical therapist, they may even teach you techniques and movements that can help you to prevent future injuries. They can show you exercises you can do on your own that also strengthen specific muscle groups that are very important to someone who participates in the sport you participate in.