What To Expect After Breast Augmentaion Surgery

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Many people seem to think that because breast augmentation is elective, it isn't as serious as a surgery performed for a medical situation. Some even feel that all the warnings and advice the doctor gives is just procedure and done to make sure they are protected if something does go wrong. All this is not true. Someone is going to be cutting into your body and moving things around in there. While it is a relatively safe procedure, it is still invasive. It is crucial that you listen to your doctor's advice and do as they tell  yo to ensure nothing goes wrong afterward and for a speedy recovery. Here are a few things you can expect, not things that may happen if there is a problem, but things that are almost always going to happen after surgery.

Pain and Nausea

You are going to be sore for a while. How sore is dependent on your pain threshold, of course, but you should not skip picking up the pain medication your doctor prescribes. It might be something you could get over-the-counter, but probably at a higher dosage. It could be something stronger, but in a limited quantity. Regardless of what it is, take it—At least for the first day until the effects of any anesthetic has worn off and you can better gauge how much it is hurting.

In addition to the pain, you are probably going to be nauseous. If the doctor did not prescribe something for this, contact the office and ask for something. When your upper body has been cut open, you do not want to have to kneel over the toilet to throw up.


When you first look at yourself after the surgery, you may feel that the breasts are not quite right. Th implants may appear to be up higher than you had expected. In fact, they may be so high your nipples point downward. Do not panic; this is normal. It is going to take a few weeks for the implants to settle into their permanent position. Once the pain has subsided, massaging your breasts and doing the exercises suggested by the doctor will help move things around a bit.

If you understand what is going to happen to you and how it is going to make you feel, you will be better prepared to deal with it. In addition, you won't feel the pain as much because you expected it, and may have expected it to be much worse than it is. Relax and rest. In a few weeks after the breast augmentation procedure, you will be feeling back to normal and have the breasts you always wanted.