Three Ways That Sleep Clinics Give You A Home-Like Feel

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When your doctor refers you to a local sleep clinic for an overnight assessment that can hopefully indicate why you're not sleeping well, you might initially feel a little concern because of the idea of sleeping in a new environment. For example, this could be the case if you're someone who doesn't traditionally sleep well in hotels or elsewhere that isn't his or her own bed. However, you'll be pleased to learn that sleep clinics go to considerable lengths to provide a home-like feel for their patients. Here are some ways that the clinic accomplishes this goal, which is designed to help you relax and thus sleep better during your assessment.

Single-Occupancy Rooms

Few patients like the idea of sleeping in a room with strangers, which can be the case when you spend a night in a hospital ward. In such a scenario, you might only be divided by a thin curtain, which doesn't exactly instill a feeling of privacy that helps you to sleep well. The good news is that when you visit a sleep clinic, you'll usually find single-occupancy rooms. Many sleep clinics only use private rooms so that their patients can truly feel comfortable and experience a high degree of privacy.

A Variety Of Amenities

At home, you might have a number of different amenities in your bedroom that you use before bed. At the sleep clinic, you'll often find similar things. For example, if you enjoy watching an hour of TV from the comfort of your bed before you drift off, this is a scenario that you can easily re-enact in your room at the sleep clinic. It's common to find TVs in patients' rooms, as the technicians want to give you a comfortable feel that is conducive to you being able to sleep.

Encouragement To Bring Your Own Possessions

Part of the difficulty that you might experience when you try to sleep at a hotel is that everything around you seems foreign. This isn't a concern that you'll face when you visit a sleep clinic for an overnight assessment. Many sleep clinics encourage you to bring your own possessions — essentially, whatever you think might help to make you feel more comfortable as you try to fall asleep in this new environment is acceptable. This means that you can feel free to bring not only your own pillow and comforter, but even your own alarm clock if its orange glow gives you a familiar feeling of comfort.