Some Options In Senior Care For Your Parents

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If your parents are elderly or disabled and are no longer able to take care of themselves safely, you may be worried about what's going to happen to them. You actually have a few choices when it comes to senior care, and the type of care you use can be adjusted as the condition of your parents changes. With all the choices, you can probably find an option that your parents are happy with too. Here's a look at the different types of senior care you can consider.

Home Health Care

Your parents may be able to stay in their own home for a few years longer if they have home health care. Even if your parents move in with you, home health care is beneficial since you'll be able to continue working and going about your usual activities while a trusted person watches over your parents. There are all kinds of services you can use when it comes to home care. Your parents can get help with shopping and going on outings. Someone can prepare meals and oversee their nutrition. They may even get help with housekeeping and daily grooming. If your parents have medical conditions, a home health care company can provide nursing assistants, nurses, and even physical therapists when their services are needed.

An Assisted Living Facility

An assisted living facility could be a good choice if your parents are no longer safe living independently. They can continue to be somewhat independent and mobile in an assisted living facility, but there will be staff available 24 hours a day to watch over them and provide medical care. This living arrangement also prevents isolation, boredom, and loneliness since they'll be around others their own age for socialization. An assisted living facility could be the ideal option if one of your parents is still independent and healthy but the other one needs close medical supervision and care.

A Nursing Home

Your parents may eventually need to move to a nursing home. This could be the best choice even if you would prefer to keep them in your home. Your parents can receive 24-hour care at a nursing home and there is always a nurse on duty for emergencies. Moving into a nursing home is often the best choice when medical complications arise or when your parents develop problems with swallowing and mobility. It may be too difficult for you to care for them alone without excess mental stress and physical strain from trying to reposition and transfer them. Plus, it could be safer for your parents to be in a facility where they can be bathed, transferred, and repositioned with the help of multiple people rather than you having to do heavy caregiving alone.

Choosing the right senior care option takes careful consideration because the safety and happiness of your parents are the utmost consideration. You might find a transitional living arrangement that allows them to live in an apartment independently while they are still healthy and then move through the assisted living and nursing home phases as needed if their health conditions require it in their advancing years. Contact a business, like Paramount Parks At Eagle, for more help.