Opioid Prescription Drug Affliction In American Society But Medical Cannabis Might Just Be The Cure

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Whereas the drug heroin was thought to be the deadliest drug killer that has wiped out so many American lives from this planet, there is another drug epidemic that is reportedly more dangerous than heroin. That epidemic is now rampant in the form of a prescription drug epidemic. Prescription drugs are usually issued for chronic pain. The trouble is that countless thousands of American prescription drug users are not using prescription drugs for pain. They are using dangerous drugs such as Fentanyl for the high it affords them. They play a deadly fatal game with prescription drugs that is now known as opioid addiction.

The Scourge Of Opioid Drugs

The depth of how insidious prescription drug usage is reflects that in one state alone, the deaths of people who overdosed on opioid drugs were so many that one county was pushed to the limit when the morgue had no more space to store the bodies of people who had died from opioid overdoses. The involved county was forced to request refrigerated trailers to store the bodies.

The Drug Fentanyl

Fentanyl is one of the main opioid drugs that's ending up for sale on the streets of America. For addicts who are dazed from drug use, all they do is pay up for any drug that's sold illegally in the streets. They may be told by drug traffickers that the drug they're buying is heroin. There is no salvation gained from abusing either of these two drugs, but Fentanyl is more deadly than heroin. What is its association with carfentanil?


Carfentanil is a fentanyl analogue. It is a tranquilizer that is used on elephants. It is extremely stronger than heroin. When your grown child or any other person uses even an insignificant amount of carfentanil, it will result in death of the user. What is even more alarming is that although there are anti-drug overdose medications that are being used to try saving lives, the consensus of opinion is that anti-drug overdose medications are not really making a dent in the number of people who die from abusing fentanyl and its analogue carfentanil.

Overdose Drug Deaths Rise But Medical Cannabis Cure Is Visionary

Overdose drug deaths continue to rise all over the country due to opioid drug use. Take note that medical cannabis, more often referred to as medical marijuana, may be the answer for treating those who are using fentanyl or other prescription opioid drugs. Researchers are finding a positive reaction for prescription drug abusers who also now use medical cannabis. Users of opioid drugs are reporting that cannabis use reduces their craving for opioid drugs. In fact, cannabis is reportedly responsible for cutting their opioid use for chronic pain by approximately 50 percent. So the much-maligned cannabis of the past is now considered to be a mainstream drug that can save lives.