Time to Schedule Your 4D Ultrasound? 3 Tips for Getting a Better View of Your Baby

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Now that you're pregnant, you're probably looking forward to seeing your little one. The ultrasounds that your doctor uses to document growth and development don't always provide the clearest view of your baby. That's where 4d ultrasounds come in. The pictures from a 4d ultrasound give you the ability to really see the way your little one looks before they're born. Before you head off to have your ultrasound done, here are some steps you can take to make sure you get the best results possible.

Drink Plenty of Water

In order for 4d ultrasound to provide the clearest pictures of your little one, you have to be properly hydrated. Unlike routine ultrasounds where you need to have a full bladder, with 4d ultrasounds, you need to have plenty of water built up in your tissue. This will ensure that the ultrasonic waves have enough fluid to bounce through. Begin increasing your daily water intake for several days prior to your appointment.

Schedule Carefully

Trying to get pictures of a sleeping baby can be difficult, especially if your little one is a heavy sleeper. To ensure that your baby is awake and active during the ultrasound – a must if you want to identify gender – try to schedule the appointment for a time when they're usually awake. During the last trimester of pregnancy, babies usually settle into a routine sleep pattern. Once you know when your little one is usually awake during the day, schedule your ultrasound around that pattern.

Bring a Snack Along

Even with the best planning, your little one may decide to take an unscheduled nap. If they decide to sleep during the ultrasound, you need to be prepared with a plan to wake them up. Instead of poking your belly to waken them, which may only result in them turning their face away from you, bring a snack along to the appointment. Things like orange juice and crackers can elevate your sugar level, which will wake your little one up and give them a quick burst of energy. Bring several different types of snacks to ensure you get the right combination.

If you want to get a good look at your little one before they're born, schedule a 4d ultrasound. During your ultrasound, the technician will take keepsake pictures of your baby so that you can commemorate the moment. For questions about the procedure, be sure to talk to the ultrasound technician when you call to schedule your appointment.