Getting Through Recovery After A Breast Augmentation

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Making the choice to invest in a breast augmentation can be a simple and effective way to become more comfortable with your outward appearance. Although breast augmentations are considered routine surgical procedures in modern times, they still require that you invest some time into proper recovery to ensure your results remain intact.

Here are three things you can do to ensure that your breast augmentation recovery goes smoothly.

1. Shop for the right foods.

The foods that you eat in the days following your breast augmentation can play a critical role in helping you recover from surgery. Before the day of your surgery arrives, you should visit your local grocery store to purchase some foods that can help promote healing.

Invest in items like lean meats to help provide the protein needed for tissue repair and sweet potatoes that can supply the vitamin A needed for cell repair, which can be beneficial in helping you recover from your breast augmentation more quickly.

2. Buy new clothing.

As you recover from your breast augmentation surgery, you may find that you experience some soreness that prevents you from lifting your arms above your head. This soreness can make it difficult to get dressed without assistance or pain each day, but investing in some new clothing can help you get through the recovery process a lot easier.

Go shopping and buy some shirts that button down the front. These shirts can be put on without lifting your arms, allowing you to comfortably dress during recovery. You also want to invest in some shirts that are a size larger than you normally wear. A larger shirt will not strain your breast area, reducing the potential for pain and discomfort during recovery.

3. Massage your new breasts during recovery.

Manipulating your breast tissue through massage while you recover from your augmentation can be beneficial in reducing swelling and eliminating scar tissue buildup. You will need to be sure that you use a light touch to prevent pain, and avoid the incision area to prevent the possibility of infection as you massage your breast tissue following an augmentation.

Be sure to ask your doctor to show you some simple massage techniques that you can use to keep your breast tissue soft and supple throughout the healing process.

Getting through the recovery process once you have a breast augmentation doesn't have to be difficult. Be sure that you stock your fridge with foods that promote healing, buy button-up shirts, and engage in regular massage to help you recover quickly and effectively from your breast augmentation surgery in the future.