The Three Primary Features To Look For In A Health Fair Event Venue

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Health fairs are an excellent way to encourage the public to take more interest in their own health and the health of their family members. With enough professionals in the industry working together to create a true educational event, people who stop by for a visit leave with a new level of knowledge about how to properly take care of their health. However, any health fair will only be as successful as it should be if you choose the appropriate event venue. If you are the person in charge of tracking down just the right location for a health fair, there are a few important features you should be looking for in the process.

1. The venue should have ample parking space.

In order to cater to the crowd, any venue you choose should have a large enough parking area to house all of the vehicles of potential visitors. While some venues will be large enough within the facility, they may not have a great deal of public parking, which will deter people from visiting. Go with a location that has a nearby parking garage or if the event will take place after hours, talk to nearby business owners about using the parking areas they have for the evening.

2. Make sure the venue has a convenient, easy-to-find location.

In general, health fairs that take place within city limits will see a higher turnout than those that take place that are not as within reach, such as in the outskirts of town or in the suburbs. You need a location that is right within the busiest areas of the city, where it will be easy for people to just stop in instead of driving out of their way to find the health fair. If the location is too far away or too difficult to find, a lot of prospective attendees will forego the event altogether.

3.The building should be large enough to allow private treatment areas.

Between tables set up to hand out brochures and samples to stations arranged for blood pressure monitoring or blood glucose screenings, any event venue you choose for a health fair must be large enough to offer ample space for all of the vendors and visitors. However, the venue should also be large enough that you will be able to set up private areas for certain vendors. For example, physicians and nursing staff that is offering one-on-one consultation may need to set up a private cubicle or curtained area. Contact a company like Loft 950 for more info.