4 Times When A Trip To The Pediatrician Is A Must

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Being a new parent is an amazing, albeit nerve-wracking experience. You are responsible for someone else's life and it can be difficult to tell when that little wee one needs medical care. While you might be tempted to make an emergency trip to the pediatrician for every little sniffle and sneeze your baby makes, the truth is that going to the doctor just isn't always necessary. With that said, there are times when you should seek medical care for your baby.

Here's a look at four times when going to the pediatrician is an absolute must.

Excessive Crying

Babies cry, and there are times when your little one will cry more than usual; however, you know your baby better than anyone. If your little one is crying an abnormal amount or you notice a different type of crying - whimpering or screeching, for example – call the pediatrician.

Crying is your baby's way of communicating and if that crying seems off, it could be because there is something wrong.

Bloody Vomit or Stool

If notice streaks of blood in your baby's spit up or diapers, make a call to the pediatrician. Though the blood may not be related to a serious issue, there is a chance that it could be related to a medical condition. For example, it could be a sign of an issue with the gastrointestinal tract or it could be related to an allergy. If there is blood present, your doctor will need to assess it as soon as possible to determine the cause and treat it if the blood is related to a medical condition.


Diarrhea isn't always related to a problem, but it is something that should definitely be checked out by a doctor. If your little one has been experiencing diarrhea for 12 hours or more, call the pediatrician. That loose stool could be the result of a virus or infection, especially if other symptoms are present, such as vomiting and fever. Additionally, excessive diarrhea could lead to dehydration, which can be extremely hazardous to an infant's health.


If your normally active baby becomes listless, call the pediatrician. A lack of energy, sluggishness and excessive drowsiness could all be related to a medical condition. For example, your baby may be suffering from an infection or may have low blood sugar, both things that will require medical attention.

If your baby is exhibiting any of the aforementioned symptoms, don't hesitate to call the pediatrician. When in doubt, however, always err on the side of caution and seek medical care at a place like Entira Family Clinics for your little one.