Has Your Child Sustained A Sports Related Injury? Make Certain You're Seeking Physical Therapy Treatment

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Competitive sports involvement is a popular extracurricular activity for children of all ages. However, just like adults, children are at risk for sports related injuries. As much as 20% of children who play sports get injured. For any child that suffers a sports related injury, proper rehabilitative treatment is essential to prevent lifelong complications. If your child has been injured, it's important that you understand the consequences of avoiding physical therapy treatment.

Decreased Flexibility

Certain injuries can also limit your child's flexibility. Take an injury to the knee, like a tendon tear, for example. Tendon tears are generally the result of performing the same movement repeatedly and incorrectly, leading to overuse. For children diagnosed with this condition, pain around the affected tendon can make it difficult to move the area, leading to stiffness.

If the tendon is in the knee, simple movements, such as walking or standing up, can be painful and cause repetitive trauma to the area. Repetitive trauma only prolongs the condition and decreases flexibility. Although this type of injury will generally heal on its own overtime, physical therapy treatment can help accelerate the healing process. Failing to have your child treated properly won't just eliminate their participation in future sports, but it can make daily functioning more difficult.

Growth Impact

Some injuries can also have a negative effect on their growth, such as an injury to a growth plate. Growth plates are a collection of developing tissues that are located at the base of the long bones throughout a child's body. Once they reach full development, the growth plate solidifies into a bone.

If this type of injury is not properly addressed and treated, this could prevent the long bone that the growth plate is connected to from reaching maturity, hindering the child's growth. While surgery and rest are generally the first steps to treatment, physical therapy is often incorporated to strengthen the area and ensure the growth plate is functioning correctly.

During the childhood years, the body is in a constant state of development. Don't let an injury your child sustained as a child still be an issue that they are dealing with as an adult. As a parent, protecting your child is one of your most important priorities. If your child has been injured while playing competitive sports, make certain you are getting them the physical therapy treatment they need.

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