Why Choosing A Birthing Center Can Benefit You As A Nervous Mommy-To-Be

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If the thought of being rushed to the hospital when you're in active labor causes your heart to race, you're not alone. Many women report being terrified of giving birth, and this fear can make a pregnancy difficult to bear. A birthing center experience can help ease your mind and give you a more positive delivery, which can help quell your fears for future pregnancies. Learn why choosing a birthing center over a hospital can benefit you if you are very nervous about the birthing process.

More control

Hospitals are bound by regulations to subject women giving birth to many things you may not be comfortable with. You may not want to stay at a hospital for a full 24 hours after being admitted, or may not want an automatic IV placed in your arm (whether it is actually needed or not). A birthing center lets you be in control as long as your delivery is not putting your or your infant in danger. They have things like oxygen, medications, and IVs on standby, but they are only used when necessary.

You also get to choose how you want to give birth in most birthing centers. If you want to give birth lying down, on your hands and knees, or even in a tub, midwives will assist you in remaining comfortable and confident throughout the process.

Ample support

Midwives stand by your side throughout your entire pregnancy. They help you remain healthy and confident as your belly grows larger, deliver a healthy baby, and then show you gently how to breastfeed and care for your new little one (and yourself). If you want a medical professional who will give you more one-on-one attention and care, a midwife in a birthing center is an excellent choice. They can help you with your fears about giving birth, and since a majority of midwives are women, you can feel more nurtured and reassured that everything will be OK. 

Calming atmosphere

A birthing center is not designed to look like a hospital. If the scents, sounds, and bustling activities within hospital walls have you shaking, then a birthing center may be a welcome alternative. You are given a private area to relax and prepare to give birth, and can have soothing music and calm decor to make the experience more natural. The goal of any midwifery practice is to allow you to have the most natural, relaxed birthing experience possible. This can be accomplished by offering you a more home-like setting for giving birth.

Contact your local midwife or visit a birthing center to see what benefits they can offer you as a nervous mommy-to-be. A licensed midwife (such as George L Stankevych MD) can address your concerns and help put your mind at ease.