Allergy Treatments: Unconventional Options For Holistic Treatment

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When seasonal allergies begin to wreak havoc on your life and sinuses, you may wonder what more you can do to make things better for yourself. After all, you already take a daily over-the-counter antihistamine, as well as use nasal sprays when symptoms strike. In fact, you may have even undergone weekly allergy shots at one time to try to build up immunity and reduce your symptoms. However, because there is no known cure for seasonal allergies, there is only so much relief that these treatments can provide. However, if you combine these standard medical treatments with unconventional methods, you may be able to design a holistic treatment regimen that provides you with optimal results and relief.

Eating Local Honey

When it comes to natural or homeopathic allergy treatments, some proponents recommend consuming raw local honey as a natural allergy reliever. Bees produce honey using nectar that they have collected and harvested in the local area. However, after the honey is made, there are also traces of pollen remaining in the raw honey. If you consume local raw honey from the area in which you live or are visiting for any prolonged period of time, you will ingest small amounts of pollen. This may function in the same way that allergy shots work, using exposure to pollen to build up immunity. However, this is more specific to the local area than general allergy shot treatments and can help relieve more symptoms. 

Using A Neti Pot

Sometimes no matter how much you try to avoid exposure to allergens, you cannot help but breathe them in when you proceed with your daily tasks. To help get rid of the allergens and pollens that get trapped in your nasal cavities throughout the day, you can rinse out your nose with a Neti pot on a daily basis. 

A Neti pot is a ceramic pot somewhat like a miniature teapot with an elongated spout. To use this for nasal irrigation, you will fill the pot with a warm saline (salt water) solution. Pour the solution into one nostril and tip your head to the opposite side to allow the solution to run out of the opposite nostril. Then repeat in the opposite direction.

Using these unconventional methods to supplement your standard allergy treatments will help you to create a more holistic approach to your allergy treatments. By using natural products and simple irrigation techniques, you will find yourself enjoying enhanced allergy symptom relief this allergy season. If you need additional help, visit Allergy Asthma & Immunology Associates.