Experiencing Early Menopause? Ease Your Symptoms With This Helpful Tip

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One percent of women living in the United States experience early menopause symptoms before they reach 40 years of age. If you currently experience mood swings, hot flashes and bouts of low energy, seek menopause management services from a qualified gynecologist. The gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in the emotional, personal and physical health of women. He or she offers a number of treatments and services, such as healthy supplements, to manage your premenopausal symptoms. Until your initial consultation and exam, ease your early menopause symptoms with this tip below.

Avoid Taking Vitamin Supplements

If you're tempted to take over-the-counter menopause supplements to control your symptoms — don't. Your body is unique and may react negatively to supplements that don't work well for it. In addition, your early menopause symptoms, such as dry skin and low libido, may not be as intense or strong as the symptoms brought on by regular menopause. 

Here's why.

Although your early menopause symptoms change the way your mind thinks or your body feels each day, the symptoms tend to be less stressful on your body than the symptoms of regular or full-blown menopause. For instance, your hot flashes may occur sporadically instead of all the time. If you take OTC supplements that are designed for women who have intense hot flashes on a nightly or daily basis, you may end up hurting your body instead of helping it.

The supplements' ingredients and dosages may be too strong, or simply not the right ones, for your body. In some cases, you could actually create intense hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms before it's your time to experience them. It's a good idea to wait until you see the doctor for treatment instead of using OTC supplements.

Choose Alternatives to OTC Supplements

The tips below provide safer and better alternatives to OTC supplements. Here's what you do:

Follow these tips daily to manage your symptoms. Your gynecologist will provide information on other helpful techniques during your visit. For more information, contact Darin L Weyhrich or a similar medical professional.