Same Day Denture Clinics: Discover How These Same Day Services Really Work

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Not too long ago, the idea that a patient could be fitted with a custom-made pair of dentures in just one day was nothing more than science fiction. However, in recent years, new fabrication methods and more advanced technology has made it possible for denture labs to fabricate a high quality pair of dentures in just a matter of hours. Through the use of these new lab services, same day-denture clinics are now possible. If you are considering the use of one of these clinics to get the dentures you need, taking the time to review the step-by-step guide below can help you to know exactly what you can expect during your visit.

Step 1: Creating A Mold Of Your Mouth

In order to fabricate a pair of dentures that fits your mouth perfectly and mimics the size and shape of your natural teeth, the dental lab will require an accurate mold to be taken of your existing teeth, as well as the tissue surrounding your teeth. This mold will typically be taken shortly after you arrive at the clinic in the early morning in order to provide the lab with as much time as possible to fabricate your dentures.

The process of creating a dental mold is both quick and painless. Consequently, this portion of the process will not require the use of any local anesthesia.

Step 2: Extracting Damaged Teeth

If your new dentures will be replacing any damaged or decayed teeth, these teeth will need to be extracted before your dentures arrive. While some patients will not require any extractions, others may need to have several teeth extracted during this portion of the process.

Since tooth extraction can be painful, a local anesthetic will typically be used when completing this step. You will be unable to eat or drink until after this anesthesia wears off. Therefore, you will want to ensure you enjoy a good meal before arriving at the clinic. You will also want to avoid any tobacco use in the days following a tooth extraction in order to avoid the development of a dental condition known as dry socket.

Step 3: Receive Your New Dentures

Beginning in the afternoon hours, dentures will start to arrive from the lab. The order in which these dentures arrive may not be the same as the order in which patients were seen earlier in the day. For instance, a pair of partials that was sent in at 10 am may actually arrive before a full set of dentures that was sent to the lab at 8 am. Consequently, you will need to be patient while waiting for your dentures to arrive. Bringing a book or magazine to read can help to occupy you during this waiting process.

Once your dentures arrive, your dentist will check to ensure they fit well before sending you home with instructions for proper denture care in the days and weeks following this procedure.

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