Common Fallacies About Tonsillectomies And Adenoidectomies

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As you head into surgery for a tonsillectomy, everything you have ever heard about this procedure rolls around in your brain. Some things are true, but most of what you grew up with are complete fallacies. Unless you discuss these things with your ear, nose and throat doctor, you might wake up with a lot of surprises and more questions about why things are not what you thought. Here are some common myths about tonsillectomies and adenoidectomies, and the corrected information.

You Can Eat All the Ice Cream You Want After Surgery

This is a very popular myth. It sprang from an old practice in the forties and fifties when doctors thought it appropriate to allow patients cold foods and drinks to help with the swelling after surgery. The truth is, once new medications were developed that could help reduce swelling, it was discovered that ice cream caused an increase in the production of mucus. (Milk and cream coat the throat with natural substances that cause the body to make more mucus to flush the substances downward into the stomach.) In turn, the increased mucus caused an increased risk of infection after surgery, and then patients needed antibiotics. Ergo, no ice cream or dairy for you until you heal.

Removal of Your Adenoids and Tonsils Will Make You an Incredible Singer

This is more of a half-myth than anything. Although some people who were so-so singers prior to surgery became better singers afterwards, it is only because they were able to open their throats and mouths wider to get the notes out. If you were not a singer before your surgery, your tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy will not make you a singing sensation after.

You Will Never Get Strep Throat Again

This myth is just plain silly. Your tonsils and adenoids may suffer from the contraction of strep throat, but their removal does not prevent you from the bacterial infection. Like all bacterial infections, you can still get strep throat because you still have a throat to infect!

Truthful Information Is Power

Whether the head and neck surgery you face is for yourself or for your child, you should be better informed. The information you arm yourself with can dismiss everything wrong you have ever heard about tonsils and adenoids, and help your child feel better because he or she knows you know how to help them through this. If you have any other misconceptions you want cleared up, your doctor or your child's pediatric ear, nose and throat doctor will straighten them out for you. You can also contact a clinic such as Southwest Idaho Ear Nose & Throat PA.