Organic Hemp Oil: The Cure-All To End All?

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There is some buzz going around with the recent legalization of marijuana that it cures a lot of diseases and disorders. While some of it may be hype created by pro-marijuana users, there are some definitive laboratory tests and known positive effects of cannabis and hemp oil. The "secret" that lies in this plant has everything to do with its effects on the human nervous system. If you want to know more about alternative treatments for health issues such as seizures and fibromyalgia, read on.

Understanding the Differences in Cannabis, THC, and Hemp Oil

There is a lot of confusion about cannabis and THC, the two main compounds found in marijuana. THC is the compound that gives you that "high" or "stoned" feeling, but the health benefits of medical marijuana are actually found in the cannabis or cannabinoid oil. Hemp oil, which carries many of the cannabinoid health properties, is the legal substitution for the federally illegal substance. Regardless of which state you live in, you can purchase hemp oil online and in alternative medicine and homeopathic pharmacies.

Cannabinoid/Hemp Oil and Its Effects on the Nervous System

In an easily understandable explanation, the cannabinoid compound in hemp oil soothes an overactive nervous system. People with anxiety and neurologic disorders benefit most from its consumption. It has been prescribed for fibromyalgia, a disorder that involves disordered nerve pain all over the body, as well as an alternative treatment for seizures. Many other research studies have shown that it is effective at increasing appetite and alleviating nausea in cancer patients, too. (Although there are no current research studies to prove the effectiveness of hemp oil in humans with seizures, there are studies proving its effectiveness in lab rats.)

Why Hemp Oil Is Better

Marijuana and hemp are from the same plant family, but they are just a little different. Hemp has higher levels of cannabinoids and lower levels of the THC in it. Marijuana has the opposite--higher levels of THC and lower levels of the healthy and helpful cannabinoids. Not only do you avoid any legal troubles with the use of hemp oil, but you also gain the scientific hemp oil benefits.

Trying Hemp Oil for Your Ailments

While it could help, it cannot hurt you to try hemp oil. If you have a particularly serious condition, you may want to ask your doctor first and have him or her monitor you during this medical transition. If you only plan on using it for something like anxiety or an analgesic for neurological pain, try it at home for a few days and see if it works for you. Since it is an all natural substance and a plant derivative, only people who discover that they are allergic will have any problems with it, and that is very rare. For more information, contact a company like Hemp for Fitness.