The Real Choices During A Pregnancy

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A surprise pregnancy is often just that, and there isn't much that a woman can do to prepare for such an unexpected event. Too often, the media focuses on only two options available to you in this situation, but many others exist in order to expand your choices as much as possible. While abortion is one option, it's not the only alternative for women who aren't ready to be mothers.

Adoption Services

Thousands of couples are unable to have children of their own, often due to health complications or physical limitations. These couples still want to be parents, but can't conceive naturally. Expectant mothers who don't want to be parents can contact private adoption firms in order to place their child with a family who can provide a good life for them.

Both open and closed adoptions exist, allowing for different levels of contact between birth mother and child. Many family law practices represent individuals on both sides of the table, ensuring that everyone comes away from any agreement feeling as though their voice has been heard. All it takes is finding the right family and being willing to uphold the agreement.

Safe Surrender

As of 2008, all fifty US states have adopted some form of legal statute that allow a birth mother to surrender an infant to a state-recognized, safe-haven facility. The child must be unharmed and in good health, and will later be placed into a state-run foster system as a ward of the state. This option allows birth mothers to remain anonymous to the courts and avoid any unwanted scrutiny.

The biggest drawback of utilizing safe surrender sites is the lack of control you have over your child's future. Instead of getting to choose their adoptive parents, or determining your level of contact with your child in the future, you literally give up all ties to them.

The Morning After Pill

While not an alternative to safe sex practices, it's only human to have a lapse in judgment on occasion. In those rare instances where a situation has gotten out of control before you could think straight, the morning after pill is a way to trigger early menstruation  and prevent the ovum from implanting on the uterine wall. This prevents a pregnancy from ever truly starting, but is not 100% effective in all cases and thus shouldn't be your only choice.

Obviously, the best alternative to adoption is not ever getting pregnant in the first place, but that may not be realistic in all cases. Rather than seeing the situation in black-and-white, consider all of your choices before settling on a course of action. Seek counsel from a professional clinic, such as Pregnancy Center Of Wayne County, to discuss all your options.